Oily Water Separator

BilgeKleen Oily Water Separator System

Filtek has introduced a BilgeKleen, an oily water treatment Unit to separate oil from water and transfer the clear water back to the tank. This consists of a compact coalescer unit to remove floating petroleum products from water / coolant tanks using a floating skimmer and coalescing plates and media. A floating skimmer connected to a suction pump is placed in the bilge tank and transfers the oily water in a separate coalescer tank where the oily water is dispersed through parallel plates. The coalescing media helps to collate smaller oil droplets into bigger droplets causing oil to float on surface of a liquid and eventually separate out through the tank skimmer in a separate oil collection tank. Clear water is recirculated through a patented 15 micron cartridge back to the bilge tank.



  • Reduce load on the main OWS consumables.
  • Water output of 15 ppm discharge as per MARPOL regulation.
  • Minimal consumable costs
  • Cost effective solution
  • User friendly


 Oil Skimmer Assly  15” dia
 Float Assly  4 x 5” SS balls with suction arrangement
 Flow rate   50 LPH
 SS Coalescer Tank LBH  600 x 400 x 500 mm  for 1.5 m3/hr
 1160 x 400 x 500 mm for 2.5 m3/hr 
 1500 x 600 x 500 mm for 4.0 m3/hr
 Motor+Pump                     Single phase 110VAC/60Hz 0.75 HP motor with suitable pump
 Optional Transfer Pump  Single phase 110VAC/60 Hz 0.5 HP motor with suitable pump
 Control Panel  Pump operation switch, Hour Meter, Overload protection, Indicating lamps.