Filtek Centrifugal Bypass Lube Oil Filtration System

All diesel engines have a primary lube oil filter which is installed between the engine oil pump and the engine components. This is always a barrier cartridge type filter rated at 40 to 80 microns to stop the larger size particles going to the engine components. (see fig 1). Filtek Centrifugal Oil Cleaner fitted in the bypass lube oil circuit of the engine has been found to be extremely effective in removing carbon soot, wear metal particles, inorganic and organic particles down to 1 micron without affecting the oil pressure or flow of oil to the engine (see fig 2)

Recently in the past 10 years engine manufacturers have started to realise that the wear and tear of friction components of the engine such as bearings, piston rings and liners, turbo bearings valve guides etc happens due to the smaller particles less than 5 microns.(see fig 3)

The only way to capture these tiny particles between 1 and 5 microns is with a very high centrifugal force, nearly 2000G. The dirty oil enters the centrifuge under engine operating pressure, enters the rotor chamber, is expelled via the 2 nozzles at the centrifuge base to eventually return through the crankcase into the lube oil sump. The action of oil exiting through the nozzles gives the rotor a reverse spin directly proportional to the inlet pressure. Speeds to 6000 RPM can be achieved creating tremendous centrifugal force on the particle to separate contaminants from the oil, on the inside rotor wall. (see fig 4)

The Filtek Centrifugal Oil Cleaner is installed on the crankcase cover of the engine. Only 10% of the oil flow capacity of the pump, is taken from the oil cooler inlet or the lube oil filter assembly and sent to the oil sump via the centrifuge. (see fig 5)

Advantages of fitting a Filtek centrifuge are

  1. Removal of contaminant to 1 micron will increase Engine oil life by min 50%.
  2. Fully cleanable unit so no consumable costs to enduser.
  3. Environment friendly as contaminant is bio degradable.
  4. Increase in engine life by at least 25%.
  5. One time cost effective investment for life of the engine.
  6. ROI considering the above is less than 3 months.

Statements by marine engine manufacturers


Bypass oil centrifugs extend oil filter change periods. They mount on the side of the engine and can be changed with the engine running


The engine-mount centrifugal bypass filter is effective in controlling lube oil contamination of the engine being operated. In particular, in the batch treatment system, since circulation purification of lube oil is not conducted during engine operation, equipment of the centrifugal bypass filter is indispensable.