Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness

The importance of Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness cannot be emphasized enough and is vital for the continuous running of all machinery/equipment utilizing hydraulic oil. Preventive maintenance is planned maintenance designed to prevent equipment breakdown resulting in huge costs of downtime and repair. Taking active steps to keep equipment in good condition is usually a more efficient and cost-effective solution than repairing or replacing equipment after it breaks or fails.

Hydraulic Systems work under extremely high oil pressure usually in excess of 200 BAR with very small oil film thickness/clearances between friction parts. The cleanliness of oil plays a very vital role in extending the life of friction components, maintaining the oil pressure and life of the equipment.

One-half teaspoon of dust contains enough particles to contaminate 55 gallons of hydraulic fluid state most OEMs. Even fresh fluids will not meet these cleanliness targets. Testing shows that component life can be extended up to 30% when fluid cleanliness is improved by a single ISO Code. A recommended practice is to subject new oil to a filtration process prior to being deployed in hydraulic tanks/machinery. When tiny abrasive particles such as sand and dust get into the oil system they flow with the oil into critical machine components and are wedged in the fine clearances. Excessive amounts of particles cause stress on the additive package in the oil. The detergents and dispersants may get depleted if the particle contamination is not taken under control.

Leaders in the hydraulic equipment industry have determined that the majority of system failures can be traced back to abrasive particles that cannot be seen with the human eye. Component life and operating costs can be improved by achieving fluid cleanliness in hydraulic systems.

Typical Parts Clearances are (a) Piston Pump 0.5-5 μm (b) Vane Pump 0.5-13 μm (c) Gear Pump 5-40 μm

Filtek HF Hydraulic Filtration Skids are very effective in maintaining oil cleanliness to industry acceptable standards. The magnetic conditioner aids in effectively removing all ferrous particles from the oil prior to entry into the oil pump. The microglass depth filter with an oil flow of 1-3 LPM removes all solids and insoluble. The evaporation chamber heated to 80 deg C is helpful in venting out all moisture from the oil into the atmosphere. This compact skid with pump+motor, control panel with fittings weighs only 40 Kg and can be easily transported between various hydraulic tanks.

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